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Patched Repositories

Patched Repositories

We believe that most crates/libraries should work out of the box with wasix. However, there are some crates that need to be patched to achieve wasix compatibility.

Some of the dependencies in Rust might need some feature flags to be enabled to work with wasix. E.g.: parking_lot{version = "0.12.1", features = ["nightly"]}

List of patched repositories:

  1. @wasix-org/leptos
  2. @wasix-org/proc-macro-error
  3. @wasix-org/syn-rsx
  4. @wasix-org/tokio
  5. @wasix-org/tantivy
  6. @wasix-org/tantivy-cli
  7. @wasix-org/getrandom
  8. @wasix-org/static-web-server
  9. @wasix-org/mio
  10. @wasix-org/libc
  11. @wasix-org/socket2
  12. @wasix-org/wasm-bindgen